5 Tips To Change Your Skin In 2018

There is nothing left for the end of the year and surely you have begun to write the wish list that you want to be fulfilled in 2018. It is not necessary that one of them be that your skin recovers part of its luminosity or that the effect of the aging because we will help you to achieve it with a series of very simple and practical routines.

As you well know, the skin requires a series of care to renew itself adequately, and this involves some of your time and dedication. To help you in this time of desires, we propose five routines with which to get your skin to recover its vitality and look healthy.

1. Daily facial cleansing

It is essential that you use oils or gels to clean the skin of your face a couple of times a day. A good way to keep your skin clean is to adopt the routine of doing it in the morning and before going to sleep.  

Use micellar water, which cleans and removes the remains of impurities and makeup, while keeping your skin healthy. The micelles manage to trap the dirt and sebum that is deposited on the skin surface without drying the skin. These are molecules that, in addition to cleaning your skin, achieve a cooling effect and preserve skin hydration.   

Do not forget about the body skin. We recommend that you use soaps that do not contain fat base and that are according to your skin type.   

2. Exfoliate the skin every week

The exfoliation is a process that will serve to perform a deep cleaning and to remove dead cells so that you achieve a cleaner and brighter skin.  

To achieve this, the exfoliants must penetrate and remove all the outer and superficial corneal layer of the skin that contains non-functioning cells. Therefore there are different levels of penetration of exfoliants or facial peels. Those we recommend are suitable to do at home and are not too aggressive. Use creams that contain salicylic acid or elements such as aluminum or silicon. These components perform a soft abrasion that will achieve an active and deep cleaning of your skin. After the scrub, always remember to properly hydrate your skin.  

3. Apply a face mask every 2-3 days

The masks facials are treatments that require slower penetration because they are highly nutritious. What is intended is a very deep hydration of the skin. Use creams that contain structural elements of the skin, such as collagen and proteoglycans, which will help restore firmness and elasticity.  

4. Use a night moisturizer

It is necessary to deeply hydrate the skin. Unlike masks, night moisturizers are intended to promote skin regeneration.  

The glycolic acid (AHA), collagen or tocopherol (vitamin E) are elements that focus on treating anti-aging intensive. In addition, they help to diminish the tone of the spots, the wrinkles and the imperfections of the skin. It is important that the emollient is applied after a proper facial cleansing on dry skin.  

5. Careful flash before makeup

After proper cleaning, it is essential to use a product that recovers your skin quickly and effectively. Proteoglycans or vitamin C achieve an intensive moisturizing effect that makes your skin activate and glow in equal parts. These elements give the skin the capacity to absorb more water and not lose it in the face of environmental inclemencies (ultraviolet rays and temperature differences).  

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