Best Skin Care Tips For The Bearded Man 2018

Many men have decided to go from shaving to shaving . They wear them of all types and let them grow until they feel comfortable and identified with them. And we love it! There are as many men as there are different types of beards . Although everyone at the end always ask you about the best way to take care of it when you let it grow.

I decided to leave a beard … and now, what?

Bearded Man

Bearded Man

First important concept: having a beard does not prevent you from taking care of the skin underneath. In fact, cleaning and hydration are very important. These two pillars are basic for the care of male skin and you should not forget them even if you have a beard.

The beard is, depending on its foliage, a situational change in the basic care of skin care . There is hair where previously there was not, but care must be maintained in the same way. So we will change the soaps for shampoos and we will add the moisturizing emollients by means of balms or oils.

To keep it clean …

It is essential to carry out 1-2 daily washings to keep it healthy and free of tumors or fungal infections . We recommend that you use a specific soap for your beard every day. Do not apply the soap that you usually use for your scalp, because the composition of facial hair and, above all, of the skin is different and could cause peeling or dryness, since the skin of the face is thinner and sensitive to external aggression .

The washing should be smooth; Let the foam be responsible for removing excess sebaceous content and impurities of both hair and skin.

After washing or leaving the shower, dry your beard gently with a towel or dryer, but never with hot air.

Do not forget your skin!

The growth of the beard has a natural tendency to dry the skin, which results in pruritus and desquamation of the epidermis. The daily hydration is important for maintaining healthy both skin and beard.

Use balms or specific oils if the beard is very leafy will get to moisturize both facial hair and skin. If not, a more conventional moisturizing emollient will suffice.

After washing it is possible that, due to the astringency of the composition of the soap, the hair may become rough or parched. Use an emollient that contains vitamin C and E or caffeine (energizing effect) or ginseng (stimulates hair growth) to make it look healthy again.

Take care of YOUR beard

We recommend you follow a simple daily routine :

  • In the morning: wash using light and refreshing textures such as gels . Then apply a gentle moisturizing treatment on the entire skin. For the beard, if it is very long and leafy, it uses a specific emollient.
  • At night: perform a new gentle wash to remove impurities or traces of contamination. Focus on the eye contour and take special care of this delicate area. Apply a serum to nourish all your facial contours, including the skin under your beard.
  • Once a week: we recommend a gentle exfoliation that thoroughly cleanses your epidermis.
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