How To Protect The Beard From The Sun ?

Now that the sun is tightening and that we will soon begin to enjoy summer , it is when we ask ourselves questions concerning sun protection .

Dear bearded men, we have to give you bad news: the beard does not protect from solar radiation. It may seem that the leafy barbs prevent the radiation from reaching the skin surface, but it is not true.

Just as you have to protect the scalp, we must be equally careful with the skin surface that remains under the beard.

Beard From The Sun

Beard From The Sun


The ultraviolet radiation has enough penetration capability to achieve the same effect as when we have not stopped growing facial hair. The reason is simple: the physical barrier , although it exists, is not enough. So, although we may think that the beard protects us completely from the sun, it should be remembered that it is neither compact nor completely resistant to the penetration of the sun’s rays.

In fact, the hair can suffer variations in its pigmentation by the action of continuous solar radiation . For this reason, we often observe hair in different stages of coloration. In addition, these pigmentation changes tend to occur more frequently in the hair of the shorter beard than in more leafy barbs, because it is closer to the hair root and, therefore, is more sensitive to hair follicle growth changes

Protection, protection and more protection

We will not tire of repeating it, but it is of vital importance to carry out a good protection of the skin surface , especially if it is in continuous sun exposure.

A good facial skin protection prevents the appearance of spots or lesions by alteration of the pigmentation that can develop the dreaded skin cancer .

How do I protect myself?

It’s simple: the procedure is similar to that of skin protection during sun exposure. We just have to keep in mind the following:

  • Take care of your facial hair: use products that do not have excessively fatty emollients and that adapt to your skin phototype and hair composition.
  • Protect your skin: use products that contain sunscreen to achieve photoprotection .
  • Prevention: avoid the peak hours of exposure, between 12 and 15 h, when the incidence of solar rays can directly affect your skin barrier.
  • Repeat the application of protectors: it is very important that the protection is directly and proportionally associated with the hours of exposure and factors such as water. Salt or chlorine can enhance the inadequate effect of the sun’s rays. In addition, they reduce the absorption of the products with photoprotection.
  • Waiting for absorption: the beard has a mitigating effect on absorption due to the physical barrier between the applied product and the skin. So make sure that the product has been absorbed before continuing with your sun exposure or taking a refreshing bath.
  • Maintain hydration: drink the right amount of water and keep hydrated not only your skin but also your scalp will allow you to protect yourself from the dryness of this time of year. A hydrated skin enhances its regenerative effect and preserves its barrier function intact, avoiding the vulnerability caused by the sun.

It looks beard, but without neglecting the protection!

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