How To Take Care of Sensitive Skin

The sensitive skin is a type of skin difficult to define, but requires very specific care. Up to 50% of the population suffers from or has suffered from sensitive skin as discussed in this study . Its symptomsrange from redness to desquamation , and can occur spontaneously or after suffering acute temperature changes (excessive cold or humidity) or after the application of certain products that can be abrasive to this type of skin.

It is usually correlated with a typology closer to dry skin , so they will share certain care. We must pay more attention to the face, and especially in the neck and eye area , for being especially sensitive areas.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

How should we treat sensitive skin?

Its correct and specific treatment , as well as its care will require:

Careful cleaning

Due to the great capacity of irritability that sensitive skin has, a facial cleansing should be carried out by choosing the product properly and reducing friction and abrasion to the minimum permissible that produces an adequate cleaning. It is recommended the use of hypoallergenic products , and that they do not contain preservatives or sufactants , because they are irritants. In addition, avoid those in the formulation that are specified to include sensory skin stimulants or vasodilator effect.

Cleaning agents

We recommend soap-free cleansers that are customary for sensitive skin since they respect the integrity of the skin barrier but also produce a sensation of somatosensory relief and restore the usual hydration. It is usually used gels without alcohols with moisturizers.

Adequate hydration

A correct hydration after a gentle cleansing, reduces the susceptibility to skin irritation and restores the outermost corneal layer . This in turn confers an improvement in the comfort sensation of sensitive skin, in addition to reducing the usual annoying stinging.

Anti-aging creams

One of the usual components of antiaging creams is salicylic acid that causes visible irritation on sensitive skin. However, one solution to avoid the adverse effects that they produce is to opt for emollient substances that contain sodium salicylate. Its effect is the significant increase of collagen-1 very associated with anti-aging and significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles and redness of the skin.

Another of the usual components are hydroxy acids, also considered as very irritating agents. Its replacement by polyhydroxy acids and bionic acids is recommended, since in addition to offering the benefits of AHA without causing skin irritation, they provide additional antioxidants, strengthen the skin barrier and have moisturizing effects.

Preventive treatment

It is essential that on a day-to-day basis, we determine which substances or what circumstances aggravate our skin quality. This way we will be able to adapt our living habits specifically, making our skin look luminous and healthy .

When you have sensitive skin we recommend you visit your dermatologist to rule out underlying pathologies such as eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. Take care of your skin day by day!

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