Side-Effects of Makeup And How Does It Affect Our Skin?

A healthy and well-groomed skin is usually a skin that appears natural. At certain times to give the face a little color or cover some imperfection, choose to apply a layer of makeup.

What’s behind makeup?

Normally, makeup that can be purchased at any beauty products store is usually made from substances such as petrolatum , animal fats or minerals .

Although all these substances can clog the pores and sebaceous ducts of the skin and lead to the appearance of pimples and blackheads , it is advisable to stop a few minutes to read the composition of the makeups to choose the least harmful option.

Thus, choosing makeup with mineral pigments will be the best option . Among the mineral pigments pay attention that they are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, since they are minerals that have anti-inflammatory properties and will help us to maintain healthy skin even making use of cosmetics.

The skin of the face can be sensitive to some fragrances, synthetic dyes and preservatives, so it is preferable to avoid them in the composition of makeup when you can next to silicone and highly emulsifying products.

Side-Effects of Makeup

Side-Effects of Makeup

Healthy skin and makeup, friends?

The makeup products have always been considered enemy number one to have a healthy skin and beautiful. Nowadays, using makeup products and having a healthy face is not incompatible as long as you follow a series of recommendations.

  • Clean the face : From EyeonCelebs we always highlight the essential role played by the cleanliness of the skin to show a healthy skin and care. Whenever makeup is applied to the face, removing it at night before going to bed is a step that you should not skip. Also remember that cleaning your skin every night, not only remove makeup but also all the remains of pollution, sweat and secretions of the skin that can clog pores and sebaceous ducts. Cleansing your skin well every night will prevent the appearance of acne breakouts, pimples, or other infections that may appear on your face.
  • Use makeup with sunscreen : Protection against sunlight is essential for healthy skin. When choosing your facial cosmetic products it is recommended that your choice have a sun protection factor . In the case of not having a protection factor, applying a protection base is the first step to follow.
  • Moisturize the skin before its application: The fact that you use makeup does not mean that you have to do without skin hydration. To maintain a healthy and careful skin, it is vital that moisturizing solutions whose main function is to moisturize the skin and reduce its water loss are not left out .

The skin does not limit us to anything as long as we know how to give it the best care. If you look for her, you will always present the world with your best face.

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