Skin care in the elderly

The skin becomes thinner and brittle as the years go by. Therefore, the care must be adapted and focus on improving moisture loss, preserve firmness and restore tone to avoid flaccidity and wrinkles.

In addition, the skin of older people tends to have itching (itching or tingling) located with dermatosis caused by vascular stasis. The reason is that, when losing hydration, the skin dries and this produces desquamation, which always goes hand in hand with irritation and itching. Thus, the aged skin usually evolves to the atopic and dry skin. For this reason, the skin care of the elderly requires the use of products that provide greater protection and help recover part of the lost moisture.

Although most care is usually aimed at the face in order to prevent damage to its surface, such as wrinkles or expression marks, no less important are body treatments.

Skin care in the elderly

Skin care in the elderly

Do not forget your hands

One of the forgotten parts of the body of mature people are the hands. For years they have been fundamental, but, as we get older, we lose the perspective that their care is very important on a day to day basis.

Dryness accompanies age due to the decrease in the regenerative layer located in the dermis, in addition to the loss of synthesis of extracellular matrix, by decreasing the collagen and elastin fibers. This causes a greater risk of breakage in the epidermis, which we notice with the appearance of areas of desquamation, especially in the palms and distal phalanges. In addition, it is possible that more wounds are produced and that their healing is slower.

What care do my hands need?

Basically, we could summarize the necessary care for your hands in this phase of life in one word: hydration.

Due to its continuous use, the hands require a more intensive hydration contribution. For this, it uses products that hydrate the skin surface through an oily base and glycerin that is easily absorbed. In addition, and due to the pruritic sensation that accompanies dryness and dehydration, we recommend that you associate elements such as urea, which can reduce the symptoms of itching and irritation.

But not only do they require hydration, since injuries or injuries are often frequent. Therefore, you can associate a healing component such as gotu kola, important to recover the epidermal layer and reduce the time of closure of possible bruises or open contusions.

Try to avoid certain things

Do not use irritating products such as alcoholic solutions or very aggressive detergents without adequate protection.

Do not use very hot water for hand washing, since doing so can accelerate the process of loss of the outer layer of the skin and this, associated with low regeneration, be a source of irritation. Apply a moisturizer after washing, while the skin is still slightly wet so that its absorption is more effective in maintaining moisture.

Try not to scratch yourself even though there are times when you can feel the skin drier and more irritated. By doing so, you can tear or break this more fragile skin type and make it vulnerable to possible infections.

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