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Side-Effects of Makeup And How Does It Affect Our Skin?

Side-Effects of Makeup

A healthy and well-groomed skin is usually a skin that appears natural. At certain times to give the face a little color or cover some imperfection, choose to apply a layer of makeup. What’s behind makeup? Normally, makeup that can be purchased at any beauty products store is usually made from substances such as petrolatum , animal fats or minerals . Although all […]

How To Take Care of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

The sensitive skin is a type of skin difficult to define, but requires very specific care. Up to 50% of the population suffers from or has suffered from sensitive skin as discussed in this study . Its symptomsrange from redness to desquamation , and can occur spontaneously or after suffering acute temperature changes (excessive cold or humidity) or after the application of certain products that can be abrasive to this type […]

Best Skin Care Tips For The Bearded Man 2018

Bearded Man

Many men have decided to go from shaving to shaving . They wear them of all types and let them grow until they feel comfortable and identified with them. And we love it! There are as many men as there are different types of beards . Although everyone at the end always ask you about the best way to take care of it when you let […]

How To Protect The Beard From The Sun ?

Beard From The Sun

Now that the sun is tightening and that we will soon begin to enjoy summer , it is when we ask ourselves questions concerning sun protection . Dear bearded men, we have to give you bad news: the beard does not protect from solar radiation. It may seem that the leafy barbs prevent the radiation from reaching the skin surface, but it is not true. […]

7 Tips To Care For Male Skin In 2018

That men are increasingly concerned about their physical appearance is a fact. That time in which it cost them to spend time on their skin was left behind. Now men and women want to live healthier and feel better about themselves. The skin of men has its own peculiarities. Therefore, although the cosmetics used by women act the […]

5 Tips To Change Your Skin In 2018

There is nothing left for the end of the year and surely you have begun to write the wish list that you want to be fulfilled in 2018. It is not necessary that one of them be that your skin recovers part of its luminosity or that the effect of the aging because we will […]

Protect your skin from the sun throughout the year

Protect your skin from the sun throughout the year

Even if less sunny seasons arrive, do not forget to keep using sunscreen. Why? Because, if we want to keep our skin healthy and without the dreaded spots that, in the least of cases, will only be an aesthetic problem, we must protect our skin all year round. We love the summer, enjoy long weekends, bridges and social […]

Skin care in the elderly

Skin care in the elderly

The skin becomes thinner and brittle as the years go by. Therefore, the care must be adapted and focus on improving moisture loss, preserve firmness and restore tone to avoid flaccidity and wrinkles. In addition, the skin of older people tends to have itching (itching or tingling) located with dermatosis caused by vascular stasis. The reason is that, when […]

Skin care in case of an allergic reaction

Skin care in case of an allergic reaction

Surely you have ever felt like the skin of your face, after contact with a substance or product, becomes red or irritated. Many times even this is accompanied by a lot of itching and after the scratching appears a very annoying rash. If it has happened to you, it is possible that you are facing […]

Is the sun good for skin with acne?

sun good for skin

The beneficial effects of adequate sun exposure are multiple. There has always been a lot of talk about people suffering from acne getting better from this condition in the months with more solar radiation. What’s true in this affirmation? Today we explain the effects of the sun on acne. Does the sun improve acne? Solar […]

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